How to optimize tax expenses

There are a lot of legal ways to pay less taxes in Russia.

If you running small business in Russia it is quite actual to seek legal ways how to pay less taxes.

And it much depends of what business you have and what fields of activity and even where business locality are.

The Russian tax system includes federal, regional and local taxes. While federal taxes are payable in all Russian regions, regional and local taxes are applicable to companies registered or doing business in the relevant region and municipality.

More of that!

Last reform the tax administration became more transparent and predictable, and the number of taxes and the overall tax burden was reduced significantly. Among the main taxes levied in the Russian Federation are: personal income tax, corporate income tax, value-added tax, excises, taxes on property and others.

Income of Russian companies is taxed with a corporate income tax. Collections from this tax are allocated between federal and regional budgets. Russian companies complying with certain requirements may opt for special tax regimes by paying the following taxes (instead of corporate income tax, VAT, unified social tax and property tax): unified tax under a simplified taxation system – applicable to small companies held by more than 75 percent by individuals; or unified agricultural tax – applicable to agricultural producers.

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