How to set up your company in Russia

It is very important from the very begining to set up new company in right and legal way.

The are 4 basic types of legal entities in Russia to run business and pay taxes.

Private self-emploed

Limited Liability Company

Joint Stock Company (Open or Closed).

Before start you must quite clearly understand what kind of business you plan and what tax amount would be coz it is much depends of type of legal entity.

The most popular and convenient is LLC for today.
The are 2 basic tax systems for LLC and you can take the most simple to optimize taxes in legal way.

The process of set up company is not very hard and usually takes several weeks time.

Our best advice is to find and consult in details your future legal entity with tax consultants before you start your legal business activity in Russia.

If you ve got LLC in Russia you can also become the CEO, get work permit and work visa in Russia and even get permission to live.

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