Taxes in Russia

Actually, there are 2 basic tax systems in Russia.
General tax system and simplified.

The most popular for LLC in Russia is Simplified Tax System.
What are taxpayers for that system?
Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who have voluntarily selected to follow the Simplified Tax System

Subject to tax in this matter.
Income or income with costs deducted.

Tax base
Income or income with costs deducted.

Taxable period.
One calendar year.

Reporting period.
First quarter, half-year period, 9 month of calendar year.

Tax rate.
6% of income or 15 % of income with costs deducted (Depending taxpayer types laws of the subjects of the Federation may establish differentiated tax rates with the range 5% — 15%).

Tax calculation.
Tax amount is calculated as a persantage share of tax base.

Tax payment dates.
Advance payments are paid not later then the 25th day of the first month following the end of the tax period following the end of the tax period the tax is paid: By legal entities not later then the 31st day of March, following the expired tax period; For Individual entrepreneurs not later then the 30th day of April following the expired tax period.

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